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General situation of geography

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TIANSHAN Grand Canyon vacation and resort area is located in Banfanggou collectivity (Xiang) about 40 kms south from Urumqi city which is the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Average altitude here is 2000 meters and geographically crosses BANFANGGOU collectivity, TUOLI collectivity, SHUIXIGOU Town of Urumqi County, involving major scope of Screen Wall Mountain National Forest Park. The scenic area is north from forest management station of BANFANGGOU collectivity, south to TUOKEXUN County, east to national road 216 in Urumqi County and west to provincial road 103. The longest distance from south to north in the scenic area is about 49 kms and the longest distance from east to west is about 42.5 kms. The scenic area is located in the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains, between peak BOGEDA and peak TIANGEER. The middle section of the Tianshan Mountain is on the southern edge of Junggar Basin. The terrain contains high mountains and basins. The mountains are high and magnificent with peaks high and low. The terrain of this vacation and resort area generally declines from south to north and from southwest to northeast. Planned size of this area is 1038 square kms which is constructed mainly upon Tianshan Mountains National Forest Park and Tianshan Mountains scenic spot and now is one of the new scenic spots in famous South Mountain Pastures scenic area. TIANSHAN Grand Canyon scenic area is located in the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains above alluvial fan. The stratum here is loose deposits of quaternary period with about 1 meter of sand soil layer containing a small quality of gravel. The type of vegetation cover is desert grassland which is suitable for farming of crops. Water resources in this area are very rich and there are several rivers flowing through two mountains and forming a peculiar forest canyon.