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Brief introduction of TIANSHAN GRAND CANYON

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TIANSHAN Grand Canyon is located in Urumqi County. 48kms from the town, this famous scenic spot is 1038.48 square kms according to initial plan. This area is surrounded by mountains on three sides and average altitude is 2020 meters with average temperature of 4-6℃. Here you can see the most integral and the most admirable virginal forest of spruce in snow hills. TIANSHAN GRAND CANYON almost covers all Xinjiang’s natural scenery except deserts which makes it the living museum of nomadism before farming civilization of our human being. TIANSHAN GRAND CANYON is really worthy of sightseeing, scientifically exploring and ancient civilization studying. It is awarded the title of National Forest Park, National Sports and Leisure Base, National AAAA level scenic spot, Autonomous Region National Fitness Sports Training Base, Autonomous Region foot motion base and Autonomous regions nationwide fitness mountaineering training base.

Here you can see eight special scenic spots: TIANSHAN Dam leisure area, Screen Wall Mountain vacation and recreation area, JIASIDABAN sightseeing area, Swan Lake scenic area, Cattle Yak Lake forest sightseeing area, Kazakh Folk customs park, High mountain and Grassland ecological zone, Snow Mountain and glacier sightseeing area. TIANSHAN GRAND CANYON magically contains the majesty of TAISHAN Mountain, the grace of EMEI Mountain, the smart stone of YANDANG Mountain and the ruggedness of HUASHAN Mountain at the same time. It has two lakes, three waterfalls, four brooks and eighteen valleys which seems more beautiful than the other. But to the tourists the most unforgettable scenery is “peculiar pines, fantastic stones and the sea of cloud”. The most famous saying here is “no wish to visit any mountain after visiting five mountains called WUYUE, but always recall TIANSHAN GRAND CANYON after visiting here ” and the other saying is “fifty kms of golden tour corridor, outdoor leisure and vacation paradise. ” 

 Here you can attend ten theme events, which will bring you endless passion and vigor which includes canyon scenery, outdoor quality expansion training, Snow Mountain and glacier, skiing and skating, yachting, self driving tour, scientific exploration, expedition, pedestrianism, photography and etc. You have so many choices.