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TIANSHAN Dam is the dam of Screen Wall Mountain reservoir. To commemorate the hard work of the builders for three years in the wind and snow to build the dam, the dam is named TIANSHAN Dam. The project of Screen Wall Mountain reservoir is a controlled key reservoir along River BANFANGGOU in Urumqi County and is the biggest irrigation works so far in Urumqi County. The overall reservoir capacity is 7.735 million cubic meters. The project is made up of main dam, diversion tunnel, flood spillway and roads in reservoir area. After completion of the whole project, the reservoir will supply enough water to 23 thousand inhabitants in SHUIXIGOU town and BANFANGGOU Collectivity, the planned 50 thousand who live in small cities around the reservoir and also the animals raised by nearby farmers. The project will settle the water problem of SHUIXIGOU town and BANFANGGOU Collectivity once and for all. Through the regulation of the reservoir, seasonal water shortage faced by BANFANGGOU irrigation area and the spring drought of 40 thousand mu of farmland will be solved and 100 thousand mu of farmland in downstream area will be irrigated. Because of the flood detention by the reservoir, 50 years a meet of flood in BANFANGGOU will be diverted and stored to 5 year a meet of flood discharge, 1000 years a meet of flood will be diverted and stored to 20 years a meet of flood discharge. Then the problem of flood control and water and soil loss in downstream area will be solved fundamentally.