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Screen Wall Mountain

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Moving forward along BILONG Bay, you will see the first core part of the scenic area----- Screen Wall Mountain. It is a great cliff between two mountains with Seven-snakes Mountains on the left side and Green-headed Daban Mountain on the right side. Screen Wall Mountain is just like the middle vertical part of Chinese character “mountain”. The altitude of Screen Wall Mountain is 2600 meters. Because of enough sunshine and water in the river here, the whole Screen Wall Mountain, always looks shining and splendid just like the screen wall in the houses of ancient nobles. This is the reason the name of Screen Wall Mountain comes. According to the legend, Tang Seng mentoring four Buddhist sutras, along the way encountered seven snake monsters standing in their way. Seven snake monsters named to fight with Sun Wu Kong who felt useless to fight with them and then pulled one fairy hair and changed it to a fairy fruit. Throwing the fairy fruit on top of Screen Wall Mountain, SUN made all the snake monsters hungry for the fruit and then the seven snake monsters jumped for it and fought with each other. Then SUN made them motionless with magical power and all the snake monsters became steep mountains to engage themselves in introspection in front of the Screen Wall Mountain. Afterwards the mountains are called Seven-snake Mountain. The top of Screen Wall Mountain is just like a Buddha head which is partly hidden and partly visible in the spring scenery. With the shape of pyramid, the Buddha head can be seen in certain time, certain climate and certain viewing platform. And also if you are lucky you can see the Buddha head, which is very mysterious and efficacious. Sometimes after raining, you can see three suns rising from chain of mountains which looks very splendid and beautiful and making it the one and only symbol of the scenic spot.

Around Screen Wall Mountain, you can also enjoy the beauty of other scenic spots such as Prince Lake, Military Tunnel and the Second Drops of the Waterscape system.